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Business Membership Benefits

  • Demonstrates support for community beautification and service programs.

  • Two listings in the Evergreen Garden Club directory, one just inside the front cover, and another in the "members" contact address section.

  • Monthly newsletters between September and June with local gardening activities and information.

  • Access to monthly education programs on topics key to successful gardening and landscaping in the mountain area and to summer field trips with a gardening bent.

  • Website link and listing.

  • Good networking potential among members, families, friends and associates.  

Business Membership Fees - $60/year

Pay by PayPal or Credit Card

If you choose to pay your membership fee via PayPal or Credit Card, please also fill out and return this membership application and indicate that you have paid online.

Pay by Check

Please print out and return these forms with your membership fee. You can also apply for membership at any of the meetings where we will have the forms available.

membership application

If you have any questions please contact Mary Twombly or Linda Berteau - Membership.